You are Welcome! name is Laro

DJ Name:                               Laro

DJ since:                               1995

Style:                                    Electro, House,Techno, Trance

Status:                                  Dj on Demand

Birthday:                               1975

Zodiac:                                 Pisces

Hairs:                                   ????

Eyes:                                   Blue-grey

My Love for the electronical Music starts in the Year 1991 as I heared at a private Party: "James Brown is dead" from L.A. Style. It was an hard Techno Time, but a new, nice, interesting Sound for me!

This new, amazing sound was now my new compagnon in my Life! I started spinning myself in the Year 1995 behind Turntables! My first events was on different Partys and I started at the Mobile Disco PICCADILLY.

After earning my first Money (1996 - Military) - I bought 2 Record Players and I started with Techno Vinyls! 

After few Monthes of Start I could spin on some places. In cause of Job learning i took time-out from deejaying - but never forget my destination. The year 99 I started to force in action to spin in different clubs.

A highlight was my booking for a Pre-Partyof the Loveparade 1999 on the Pool Club in Berlin Tempelhof. I´m proud of this Booking -it was always my dream spinning in Berlin! Who knows when it is next time.....

I also organisated own Parties in my regions.

1996 and 1997

Laros House Party 1


Laros Houseparty 2

- Underground House Party


Trance @ Tent 1

(Miss Shiva, Miss Thunderpussy, Steve Cypress,Laro)


Trance @ Tent 2

(Tom-X Live, Mario Larosch,Steve Cypress, Noops, Laro)

- Big Trance Events in Circus


Since Year 2000 i concentrate more on my first job - so I will not deejaying like before!

But I will look always to sound at interesting parties in Germany or elsewhere!

So if you have or you are planning a iinteresting event I´m interested!

Demo Files can be naturally given!

Thanks for your Interest - have a nice Time!

P.S: If you are interested in Booking, Requests and all other please use my contact dates and inform me! Thanks!